Jetstar Airlines Provides Passengers Convenient and Comfortable Air Travel
25.01.2014 11:00

Jetstar Airlines came into existence as recently as 2003, with its base airport in Melbourne in Australia. The airlines offers travelers flights to 163 international destinations including popular tourist spots like Sydney, Brisbane, Jakarta and Melbourne. The airline operates about 103 weekly flights on an average, to various international destinations. Despite the airline being a relatively new player in the aviation sector, it has built up a solid reputation for itself as a world-class airline, with modern, state-of-the art facilities in new aircraft carriers. Hospitable crew, spotless cabins, commendable in-flight service and entertainment, good meal serving and always on time flights has earned the airline a formidable reputation in the airline industry.

Besides excellent in-flight facilities, Jetstar Airlines also has a convenient and well-organized website that travelers can visit to make a flight booking. The website offers visitors applications for ticket booking, miles redemption, flight status monitoring, PNR status monitoring, flight schedules, web-check in, hotel and local car rental service booking, sightseeing packages booking and more. Navigating the website is easy and quick with a neat layout and useful links. Users have to login to the website with correct credentials to make a booking online. The airline also offers passengers frequent discounts on air tickets. Visitors to the website can keep their eyes peeled for promotional codes and other early bird limited offers. Travel portals also offer frequent discounts on air fares on Jetstar airline. Passengers aboard Jetstar can enjoy a luxurious trip to their destination at great ticket fares, for frequent family trips around the world!


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