Have A Thrilling Flying Experience With Srilankan Airlines Flights
24.01.2014 12:03

Srilankan Airlines carries the flag of Srilanka and commenced operations in 1979.  It operates flights to Asia and Europe from its hub at Bhandarnaike International Airport at Colombo. It flies to 62 destinations with a fleet size of 22 aircrafts. Srilankan Airlines Flights ticket booking is possible on the official website of the airline and also at the booking offices functioning at all the major places in Srilanka and outside the country. Mobile booking and booking through travel agents are other options.

Business Class and the Economy class are the two classes of travel offered in the flight. First Class in on its way to be introduced in selected flights. Business class passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of hand luggage each not exceeding 7 kg. On Economy Class you are allowed to carry only one piece of luggage not exceeding 7 kg. There are overhead racks where you can put your hand luggage. The free baggage allowance depends on the distance and the class you travel.

The Srilankan Airlines Flights provide you world class services and the staff and crew members are well trained, friendly and experienced. They are always ready to help you in any trouble. A large variety of cuisines and flavors are served and you can pre order your meals from the given menu according to your preferences. There is a wide collection of movies, music and television programs available for your entertainment. Children, expectant mothers, elderly people and physically challenged people are provided extra attention and care.


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