Checking the Air France Flight Status Made Easier
24.01.2014 17:22

Air France, formally known as Societe Air France or S.A., acts as the main passenger carrier for France and operates to almost all the cities across Europe with frequent flights to some of the most visited destinations. It has its headquarters in Tremblay-en-France located to the northern side of Paris. It is one of the founders of the SkyTeam which is worldwide airline alliance and the Air France KLM Group’s subsidiary. Reports say that the company has rendered both cargo and passenger services to 168 different destinations across 93 countries in 2013. It boasts of carrying more than 5 crore passengers in the year 2011. The Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport acts as the global hub of the airline while the airports at Toulouse Blagnac, Paris Orly, Marseille Provence, Paris Charles de Gaulle acting as the secondary hubs. The company even allows you its users to check the Air France flight status so that you can avoid the hassle of waiting for long hours at the airport due to some kind of delay.


Established on 7th October in 1933 due to the union of Air Union, CIDNA, Compagnie Generale Aerpostale and SGTA, it acted as an important Allied scheduled airline in Germany during the period from 1950 to 1990. It gained the functions of France’s domestic carrier known as Air Inter in 1990. In case you are travelling in bad weather or climate, make sure you check the Air France flight status which helps you to get all the details regarding the delay or cancellation of the flight.


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