AirTran Airways - Comfortable and Cost Effective
18.01.2014 14:45

AirTran Airways is an airline based in America. With headquarters in Dallas, Texas, it is one of the cheapest commercial airlines in the world. Its cost-effective and excellent customer services make it immensely popular among tourists and businesspeople alike. AirTran operates about 700 flights daily, primarily in the eastern and mid western United States. Its chief hub is at the International Airport of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta, where around two hundred departures on a daily basis are handled. The fleet of the company is comprised of the Boeing 717 airplane. The airline is considered to be biggest operator of this aircraft and possesses the Boeing 737-700 aircraft as well. AirTran has adopted a unique approach to employee recruitment with an emphasis on functional skills and relational competence.

The airline possessed specific job specialization and the requirement of flexibility in-between the tasks as needed by the daily operational circumstances. Currently, AirTran Airways serves 42 destinations throughout the United States, Mexico and Caribbean. The airline has a code-share agreement with Southwest Airlines. It operates under a two-class configuration featuring the Business Class and Economy Class. In April 2010, AirTran Airways opened their second crew base, at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, the same day they officially announced Milwaukee as their second hub.

On July 2010, AirTran Airways hosted the grand opening of their new System Operations Control (SOC) Center at Orlando International Airport. AirTran Airways also announced plans to open a crew base at Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida. The base initially employed 100 pilots, including a chief pilot. Orlando joins Atlanta and Milwaukee. In October 2010, the crew base opened at Orlando International Airport in Orlando, Florida.

Like the airline’s slogan “Go. There’s nothing stopping you.”, indeed AirTran Airlines through the years has improved and excelled in its various departments regarding quantity a quality of flights as well as in customer services and cost effectiveness.


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